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Working Group Meetings

mardi 18 janvier 2011, par julien

WORKING GROUP MEETINGS (download overall programme of WG meetings)
WG1 - Changing rationales for public intervention

Presentation of the following projects :

  • EPOM : Explaining the Policy Mix in ST& I : From Policy Rationales to Policy Instruments , by Laurent Bach (BETA, University of Strasbourg) (download presentation)
  • CIPR : Cooperative management of IPR by Yann Meniere (CERNA, Armines) (download presentation part 1 and part 2)
  • Venture Fun – The role of venture capital in promoting high tech and science based growth : a new rationale for European policy making ? By Terttu Luukkonen (ETLA) (download presentation)

WG2 - Multiactor spaces and the governance of research and innovation in Europe
WG6 - Fora of strategic intelligence for research and innovation

Summary by the chair, A. Rip (download document)
Presentation of the following projects :

  • ASSESSTGOV : Workshop by Alfons Bora (see conference session 2A)
  • ERA Spaces : Unpacking Geographical Spaces in Research and Innovation in Europe, by Jeremy Howells and Elvira Uyarra (PREST)

WP3 - Public Sector research

Introduction by the chair A. Bonaccorsi
Presentation of the following projects :

  • OEU : Observatory on European University , by A. Schoen (OST) (download presentation)
  • SUN : A comparative analysis of the transformation of university governance, by C. Paradeise (LATTS) (download presentation)
  • WIOP : A review on the role of intermediaries in the governance of research, by B. van der Meulen (University of Twente) (download presentation)
  • AQUAMETH : Advanced quantitative techniques for the analysis of performance of public sector research, by A. Bonaccorsi (University of Pisa) (download presentation)
  • REBASPINOFF : The development of a European taxonomy of spinoff firms and its implications for policy design, by P.Mustar (CSI) (download presentation)
  • NANODISTRICT : A comparative analysis of the emergence and dynamics of poles in nanotechnology , by V. Mangematin (INRA) (download presentation)

WP4 - Indicators

Report by the Chair, L. Esterle
Presentation of the following projects :

WP5 - Training

Chair : K. Barker (PREST) (download presentation)
Review of the following activities :

  • first PhD doctoral conference
  • Madrid summer school
  • PhD circulation announcement
  • PRIME professional master programme
  • studies on virtual campus and on research and training capabilities in member states and incoming countries

WP7 - Enlargement to new member states and incoming countries

Presentation by the Chair, A-M Inzelt (download presentation)