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Thematic sessions

mardi 18 janvier 2011, par julien

The conference was composed of six 3 hour sessions.
Each session was introduced by two speakers aiming at presenting both a policy and a research approach to the issue addressed.
These were followed by an extensive debate on research directions. Which have been summed up by rapporteurs and for some of them introduced or concluded by chairs.
You will find below a summary per session with the links to download documents.

Session 1A. Europe and Science for Developing Countries

Chair : Professor Arie Rip, University of Twente
Speakers : Professor Calestous Juma, Kennedy School of Government, University of Harvard (download presentation)
  Ms Rebecca Pankhurst, UK Commission for Africa
Rapporteur : Professor Luke Georghiou, PREST, Manchester Business School (download report)
Session 1B. The challenge of innovation in public services
Chair : Professor Ben Martin, SPRU, University of Sussex
Speakers : Dr Jakob Edler, ISI (download presentation)
  Professor Ian Miles, PREST, Manchester Business School (download presentation)
Rapporteur : Professor Jeremy Howells, PREST, Manchester Business School (download report)
Session 2A. Research Policy Tools and Instruments
Chair : Professor Stefan Kuhlmann, ISI (download presentation)
Speakers : Dr Patrice Boekholt, Technopolis (download presentation)
  Professor Alfons Bora, University of Bielefeld (download presentation)
Rapporteur : Dr Michael Keenan, PREST, University of Manchester (download report)
Session 2B. Changing institutions and institutional relationships in the European research and innovation system
Chair : Professor Peter Weingart, University of Bielefeld
Speakers : Professor Stan Metcalfe, CRIC, University of Manchester
  Professor Andrea Bonaccorsi, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (download 1st text, 2nd text and slides)
Rapporteur : Ms Kate Barker, PREST, University of Manchester (download report)
Session 3A. European Policy Mix
Chair : Professor Philippe Larédo, ENPC and University of Manchester (download presentation)
Speakers : Dr. David Bacon, Department of Trade and Industry, UK (download presentation)
  Professor Stefan Kuhlmann, ISI (download presentation)
Rapporteur : Ms Effie Amanatidou, Atlantis Research (download report and slides)
Session 3B. Human Resources for Research and Innovation
Chair : Professor Catherine Paradeise, ENPC (download presentation)
Speakers : Mr Patrice Laget, IPTS, European Commission (download text and slides)
  Professor Vincent Mangematin, University of Grenoble (download presentation)
Rapporteur : Dr Laura Cruz, CSIC (download report and slides)