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Introduction : PRIME as an experiment

vendredi 21 janvier 2011, par julien

PRIME was developed as one answer to the new tool developed by Framework Programme 6, Networks of excellence. For us (the participants to this experience and in particular its promoters) it was an experiment for building a shared platform at the European level that would help address the three lasting problems we faced (and are still facing) while fostering new heterodox theories, concepts and methods in a field too aligned around dominant ‘designs’ (national systems of innovation and problem solving research).

We consider essential that lessons are derived from this experiment, that colleagues and stakeholders, and not only a few experts administratively selected, can delve in our approaches, look at our choices, evaluate our performance.

This section of the website is organised for that. It is made of 15 pages. The first six pages account for the emergence, organisation and development of the network. The following 6 pages address the progressive shaping of our views on specific aspects, many of which correspond to widely differing views than those held by the persons who reviewed our activities on behalf of the Commission. Finally the most important page is probably the last one, which gives an overview of the results arrived at by the Characterisation Group about the effects of PRIME on the integration of the SPRI community.