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Monday, 29 January 2007

09.00 - 17.00 Open space for PRIME project meetings
17.00 Opening session
Welcome address
Philippe Laredo, ENPC and University of Manchester, PRIME Coordinator
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Keynote speech - The science of science policy
Irwin Feller, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Penn State University, USA (Presentation)

20.00 Dinner - Stazione Leopolda

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Thematic area 1
Room A
European universities at a crossroad

09.00 Strategic differentiation and autonomy of universities
Position paper by the AQUAMETH project and Presentation
Discussant : Ben Jongbloed (Center for Higher Education Policy Studies - University of Twente)

11.00 Changes in the governance of European universities
Position paper by the SUN project
Presentation by Catherine Paradeise, Professor at University of Marne la Vallée, France - "Institutional diversity as a challenge for European policy making".
Open debate

14.00 Capturing the multidimensional performance of universities
Position paper by the Observatory on European University
Presentation by Antoine Schoen (IPTS).
Open debate

Thematic area 2
Room B
Scientific production and technological performance : beyond the European paradox syndrome

09.00 Why European new firms based on research never get large ?
Position paper by the REBASPINOFF project
Presentation by Philippe Mustar (Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, France) and Mike Wright (Centre for Management Buy-out Research, Nottingham University Business School, UK and Erasmus University, Netherlands)
Discussant : Laurent KOTT, Directeur Général INRIA-Transfert
Open Debate
Session organized jointly with IUNet project

11.00 Financial institutions and entrepreneurship. The difficult road of venture capital in European national systems
Position paper by the VENTURE FUN project
Chair : Terttu Luukkonen, ETLA, Finland
Presentation by Morris Teubal, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Discussant : Andrea Bonaccorsi, University of Pisa
Open debate

14.00 Research-driven agglomerations and institutional entrepreneurship. Technological districts in nanotechnology
Position paper and Presentation by the NANODISTRICT project
Speaker : Vincent Mangematin (INRA)
Open debate

16.00 Plenary session
Short presentation of "SCOPUS & Bibliometrics" by Helen de Mooij and of "Webometrics" by Isidro F. Aguillo.
Main presentations : Beyond the paranoia of rankings. Towards theory-based positioning indicators for universities and research
Position paper and Presentation by Rémi Barré, CNAM, France
Presentation by Andrea Bonaccorsi, University of Pisa 

18.00 Conclusions

20.00 Social dinner and wine tasting - Santa Croce in Fossabanda


Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Thematic area 3
Room A
New loci for policy making in the European Research Area

09.00 The reconfiguration of the European Research Area : towards supranational integration ?
Draft project ERA DYNAMICS
Presentation 1 : "Further thoughts on "ERA configurations""
Presentation 2 : "A concept for the study of configurative processes of knowledge, institutions and policy in Europe"
Open debate

11.00 The articulation of policy making in S&T at regional and local level
Draft project ERA SPACES and Presentation
Discussants : Dr Elvira Uyarra (PREST, University of Manchester), Knut Koschatzky (Fraunhofer ISI) , Jean-Alain Heraud (BETA-UPL)
Open debate
Session organized jointly with the INNODEC project and in collaboration with the Province of Pisa

14.00 Making the European S&T model proactive for international collaboration
Draft project PRIME AFRICA and PRIME activities in India and China
Presentation of PRIME Africa Project
Open debate

Thematic area 4
Room B
New rationales for policy making in science and technology

09.00 What beyond military spending in research ? The changing role of public expenditure for technological leadership
Position paper by the INNO-MIL project and Presentation
Discussant : Rikard Stankiewicz
Open debate

11.00 Internationalisation of R&D - Empirical trends and challenges for policy and analysis.
Some reflection in the light of PRIME GlobPol
Chair : Michael Dinges, Joeanneum Research
Presentation by Jakob Edler (Professor of Innovation Policy and Strategy at PREST and the Institute of Innovation Research),
Discussant : Lucia Piscitello (Professor of International Institutions and Regulations, and Industrial Economics and Organisation at Politecnico di Milano)
Open debate

14.00 Preserving the commons in science. The cooperative management of Intellectual Property Rights
Presentations from the CIPR project.
Position paper 1 : « Collective management of intellectual property rights ». Presentation by Yann Ménière.
Position paper 2 : « Firms’ involvement in open source projects ». Presentation by Cristina Rossi.
Open debate

16.00 Plenary session
Programme and Presentation by Benedetto Lepori (USI) of the European Network of Indicators Designers (ENID)
Main Presentation : Linking research policy to innovation policy. Conceptual and implementation challenges
Luke Gheorghiou, PREST, University of Manchester
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18.00 Conclusions

20.00 Social dinner - Certosa di Calci

Thursday, 1st February 2007

09.00-12.00 Plenary session
PRIME next steps : issues raised and options proposed
Chair : Philippe Laredo, PRIME Coordinator
Open discussion

14.00 Open space for PRIME project meetings