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mardi 12 janvier 2010, par julien


The First International PRIME Doctoral Conference : New Challenges to Research and Innovation Policy


SPRU, The Freeman Centre, Brighton, 19 May – 20 May, 2004

The aims of the PRIME Doctoral Conference were :

  • to provide doctoral students from all PRIME Network of Excellence organisations and other academic institutions with experience of contributing to, and participating in, an international conference ;
  • to provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the variety of approaches to the PRIME agenda, contrasting experiences and research findings.

Organising Committee
Professor Ben Martin, (SPRU, University of Sussex), Erik Millstone (SPRU, University of Sussex), Dr Jordi Molas-Gallart (SPRU, University of Sussex), Professor Louk de la Rive Box (U. of Maastricht), Kate Barker (PREST, University of Manchester), Michael Hopkins (SPRU, University of Sussex)

Conference Administrator : Erin Terzian, e-mail :, tel. : 01273 678165

Funded by the European Commission Sixth Framework Programme through the PRIME Network of Excellence.

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