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jeudi 17 février 2011, par Julie

Globalisation of firm RDI activities on innovation policies : the Globpol exploration
This line of activity did not deal with the globalisation per se of firm RDI but considered the implications of the globalisation of firm RDI for innovation policies. Our choice was to push colleagues inquire such connections through a first exploration. This gave rise to a wide conference (2005) largely exploited in the later special issue of the Journal of Technology Transfer (2008, vol 33, n°4, guest editors : J. Edler and W. Polt). One outcome of it was the development of a comprehensive cost-benefit matrix in order to support policymakers in their reflections and in the policy rationales they select/adopt . This is an interesting case of PRIME intervention. The round made in a short time demonstrated that what was needed related more to a policy-oriented method (which was developed through discussion) and that most further work had to be related to a deeper understanding of firm globalisation of RDI, more in line with the sister NoE on innovation dynamics per se, DIME. It was thus decided to close that line of policy inquiry.

JTT special issue (volume 33, number 4, August 2008) international industrial R&D – policy challenges editred by Jakob Edler and Wolfgang Polt.
J . Edler, W. Polt : International Industrial R&D, Policy Challenges. Introduction to the special issue 

B. Dachs, B. Ebersberger, H. Lööf : The Innovative Performance of Foreign-owned Enterprises in Small Open Economies
J. Edler : Creative internationalization : Widening the perspectives on analysis and policy regarding international R&D activities 

H. Gassler, B. Nones : Internationalisation of R&D and Embeddedness : The Case of Austria 

M. Gulbrandsen, H. Godoe :“We really don’t want to move, but…” – Identity and strategy in the internationalisation of industrial R&D

A. Inzelt : The inflow of highly skilled workers into Hungary : a by-product of FDI 

R. Rama : Foreign Investment Innovation. A Review of Selected Policies 

F. Sachwald : Location Choices within Global Innovation Networks : The Case of Europe