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mardi 22 février 2011, par Julie

From Regional Innovation Systems to Regional research and innovation policies : the ERISP exploration

ERISP was a second round of reflection when colleagues demonstrated that nearly all work on regional dimensions dealt with systems, milieus and clusters, and did not address policy as such, simply seen as national policy writ small (see 2006 ERA Spaces reports, see also presentations and sessions at PRIME Paris and Pisa conferences, see the specific workshop in Bilbao, 2007). Support was then granted to push further reflections on regional policies as such and to prepare a collective book avoiding a succession of case studies to focus on different aspects of regional policies. The book is still under publication while the conceptual framework that underpins it has been largely circulated in conferences and has given rise to two main publications

Project outputs
ERA Spaces report
Prime Paris conference : special day on regional policies
Prime Pisa conference : special session
Bilbao workshop

Main publications
Uyarra E., Flanagan K., 2010, From regional systems of innovation to regions as innovation policy spaces, Environment and Planning C : Government and Policy, vol. 28(4), 681-695
Laranja M., Uyarra E., Flanagan K., 2008, Policies for science, technology and innovation : Translating rationales into regional policies in a multi-level setting, Research Policy, vol. 37(5), 823-835