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Conference Presentations

mardi 18 janvier 2011, par julien

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December 15


Introductory speeches (Prime, CNRS and IEP)
Keynote presentations on the topic, S. Kuhlmann and B. Martin


Session 1 (Statement / Presentation)
Can we govern science and innnovation in regions ? – organisers : J.A Heraud, E. Uyarra & K. Flanagan (

Session 2 (Statement / Presentation)
Should we abandon public policy to foster the creation of university spin-off firms ? – organiser : P. Mustar (
Presentation by M. G. Colombo
Presentation by L. Doganova & P. Mustar


Session 3 (Statement)
Critical assessm ent of the strengths and weaknesses of different support mechanisms for SIPS research – Organisers : M. Nedeva and T. Luukkonen (

Session 4 (Statement / Presentation)
Cultural industries as a major component of knowledge-based societies – organiser : V. Mangematin (
Presentation by C-C Rüling
Presentation by J. Sapsed

City council aperitif

December 16


What does our speciality require in term of shared training facilities. Lessons from 5 years of experience. (Text / Presentation)


Session 5 (Statement / Presentation)
Post-national Dynamics in STI and STI governance - do our perspectives, models and indicators keep pace ? – organisers : S. Kuhlmann, J. Edler and R. Barré (
Presentation by R. Barré
Presentation by S. Kuhlmann
Presentation by B. van der Meulen

Session 6 - part 1 (Statement / Presentation)
The future of innovation policy : Creative Destruction, Neue Kombinationen and White elephants – organisers : S. Borras and R. Smits (
Presentation by S. Borras
Presentation by J. Edler
Presentation by L. Hessels
Presentation by L. Rubalcaba
Presentation by H. van Lente

Lunch at IEP

December 16

14.00- 16.00

Session 7 (Statement / Presentation)
Are ‘our’ indicators of some use for decision-making ? – organisers : ENID board (
Presentation by E. Reale
Presentation by S. Slipersater

Session 6 – part 2 (Statement / Presentation)
The future of innovation policy : Creative Destruction, Neue Kombinationen and White elephants – organisers : S. Borras and R. Smits (
Presentation by S. Borras
Presentation by J. Edler
Presentation by L. Hessels
Presentation by L. Rubalcaba
Presentation by H. van Lente


Session 8 (Statement / Presentation / Articles)
Characterising the diversity of European Universities : pursuing a good but lost cause ?– organiser : A. Schoen (

Conference dinner

December 17


PRIME seen by the Characterisation Group (Presentation)


What are NoE worth ? What should be our recommentations to the EC, and how do we react to Horvat’s report – Chair : E. Reale, discussants : A. Bonaccorsi, P. Laredo


“Orphan” themes, further thoughts – Why are there themes that do not attract us collectively ?

Lunch at IEP

December 17


Do we need a ‘science, technology and innovation policy’ global forum, a question raised after the 4S and Mexico meetings ? Organisers : S. Cozzens, S. Kuhlmann, A. Rip and L. Sanz (Proposal)


Closing session - Do SIPS or STIPS require a platform in Europe ? For what ? And if so, which next steps ? Chair : V. Mangematin

Evening event for the official creation of the ENID international association

December 18 Space reserved for project meetings


ENID open board meeting – organiser : B. Lepori (


Nanodistrict final meeting – organiser : V. Mangematin (


Roundtable on knowledge dynamics in genomics – organiser : D. Pardo (


EURO CV project meeting – organiser : C. Canibano ( (Details)