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Amsterdam, September (...)

2009 workshop on the creation of a EU SPRI forum
Amsterdam, September 3)

mardi 18 janvier 2011, par julien

Following the discussions in Aix (December 2008) a working group was created to consider the need for a follow-up to PRIME. Numerous exchanges have taken place bilaterally from the beginning of 2009 which resulted in a preliminary text being drafted about the lessons learnt, the need for a partial continuation and the potential content of a new gathering. A meeting was organised in Amsterdam which shaped the contours of what we propose to name the EU SPRI forum. We agreed that we wanted to keep the emphasis on studies on policies for research and innovation. Three missions were identified to keep the dynamics of the community : the next generation (focusing on training and early career activities), forward look activities (retaining the richness and interest of the so-called ‘initiation and review activities’ developed in PRIME), and structuring the field around a bi-annual European conference. We also agreed that such an initiative requires the direct involvement of our institutions, meaning that the forum should be a legal body, with its members being universities and research organisations. In order to ensure its future we are looking for an annual fee of 10 000 euros per institution and a 5-year engagement. The 2 main journals of our field (Research Policy and Science and Public Policy) support our initiative and their editors have agreed to participate in its future board.A small working group chaired by S. Kuhlmann (University of Twente) and composed of S. Borras (CBS), C. Edquist (Lund University) and P. Laredo (Université Paris-Est and University of Manchester) is in charge of further developments. This group prepared the constitution of a new legal entity under the French law. The association was officially launched in Paris June 8 2010 by 12 founding members : The Austrian Institute of Technology, the Autonomous University of Madrid, Copenhagen Business School, CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas), Politecnico de Milano (Department of Management, Economic and Industrial Engineering), the University of Lund, the University of Manchester (MIoIR), Université Paris-Est on the account of CNRS, INRA and other members of IFRIS, the University of Pisa (via QUINN) and the University of Twente (Institute of Innovation and Governance Studies). The first event corresponding to the official inauguration of the new association will be the Twente conference on governance. (October 28-30, 2010).