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2008 The creation of the international association of indicators designers, ENID (Aix, December 16)

mardi 18 janvier 2011, par julien

The Aix conference witnessed the official birth of ENID as a French-based NGO with a view to maintain and develop the international platform on indicators. The initial board, as voted in Aix, is composed of Remi Barré (CNAM), Peter van den Besselaar (Rathenau Institute), Laurence Esterle (INSERM, treasurer), Ghislaine Filleatreau (OST), Ben Jongbloed (University of Twente), Philippe Larédo (Université Paris-Est and University of Manchester, President), Benedetto Lepori (University of Lugano, secretary), Loet Leydesdorff (University of Amsterdam), Emanuela Reale (CNR-CERIS) and Stig Slipersaeter (NIFU- STEP). Its first three year programme is to maintain the periodic conferences (see Oslo 2008 under PRIME, and Paris March 2010 already held, while Rome 2011 and Berlin 2013 are already programmed), the summer schools (Amsterdam 2009 being the last one held under PRIME auspices, the next ones being Leiden 2010 and Rome 2011) and the website ( It was also decided that ENID should serve to enable European groups to discuss on-going developments and collectively respond to governments and EC questions. The EC project JOREP on the internationalisation of national programming developed in 2009 and accepted in 2010 is a good example of the role of such a platform.