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2008 PRIME-NORFACE workshop on the design of new instruments for funding social sciences (Ljubljana, June 23-24)

mardi 18 janvier 2011, par julien

The ERA-NET NORFACE consisting of most European funding agencies and the PRIME Network of Excellence co-organised this workshop to discuss the role of social sciences funding agencies in the construction of the European Research Area and to propose new funding schemes designed to address the new challenges in social science research. It was organised around 6 issues, 5 being introduced by one Norface speaker and one PRIME researcher (respectively D. Braun, J. Edler, P. Laredo, B. Van der Meulen and M. Nedeva). The 6 issues addressed were : building a collective agenda ; structuring the field though joint/shared funding schemes ; structuring the field through centres of excellence ; structuring the field through facilities/infrastructures ; structuring the field through capacity building and initial training ; and the respective roles of national agencies, ERC and Norface. The workshop concluded with a foresight exercise about potential futures and options.

This conference was initiated and organised by L. Henriques (FCT and then IPTS) working at the interface of both networks.