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2008 PRIME Latin America conference (in conjunction with Globelics, Mexico, September 22-26

mardi 18 janvier 2011, par julien

Well over 200 persons participated in the joint conferences of Globelics and PRIME which took the whole week with the last day of Globelics and the first day of PRIME overlapping in terms of joint themes and sessions.

The joint themes were mostly themes of interest in developed countries reflecting on how different they are compared with developing countries with regard to universities and research organisations (and in particular on university-industry linkages), STI policy mix and policies to reduce systemic failures, and innovation dynamics (in particular in traditional sectors, looking also at IPR issues). Some of these themes were continued over the following two days, in particular issues dealing with distributional issues and internationalisation processes (both private and public). Specific panel discussions and sessions focused on fostering indigenous knowledge in developing countries (an important theme raised by the exploration carried out in the PRIME Africa project). Over the next two days specific developments were addressed on sectoral innovation systems, on knowledge production dynamics, and on multi-level governance (in particular relationships between regional and national policies, and evaluation challenges).

This was a very rich and productive source of exchanges in particular due to a good balance between panel debates and classical presentation sessions. The notion of a global SPRI forum was discussed which would subsequently enable more regular exchanges and the nurturing of joint projects. This point was further developed in the last PRIME annual conference.