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2008 CONNEX-PRIME seminar on « how does integration work » (Brussels, June 17)

mardi 18 janvier 2011, par julien

Convened by the Network of Excellence (NoE) CONNEX (Connecting Excellence on European Governance), in collaboration with NoE PRIME (Privacy and Identity Management for Europe) and the Integrated Project (IP) RECON (Reconstituting Democracy in Europe), the aim of the conference was to assess the success of the new research funding schemes (NoEs and IPs), as introduced and implemented under the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme for Research. Over 50 representatives from the European Commission and European research institutes and universities engaged in discussion related to the overarching theme of research integration.

Prior to the conference, the coordinators had conducted an online survey to ascertain the key dimensions of collaborative projects in connection to social and cognitive integration, and the impact of this integration in terms of research progress, scientific community building, and contribution to the European Research Area (ERA). The results of the survey (based on feedback from 34 NoEs and IPs) were highlighted at the event and are available online (Connex website).