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June 14

Session 1 : Science Indicators-mapping-evaluation

  • Raquel Rojo : Scientific Output and Impact Indicators of Spanish ICT Research in an International Context (Abstract / Presentation)
  • Rodrigo Costas : A new methodology to obtain bibliometric profiles at the micro-level (Abstract / Presentation)
  • Ville Valovirta : Evaluation and Foresight as Vehicles for Policy Learning in Innovation Policy : Argumentation and Learning within Organisational Practices and Multi-Actor Policy Forums (Abstract / Paper)
  • José Luis Ortega Priego : Mapping the European academic web space – an exploration of visual web indicators for S&T (Abstract / Presentation)

Session 2 : Innovation – innovation policy

  • Aurelie Delemarle : Opening the toolbox of the institutional entrepreneur in his mobilisation effort : towards a redefinition of the audiences (Abstract / Paper)
  • Roberto E Lopez-Martinez : Second order innovation policy systems (Abstract / Paper)
  • Swayan Chaudhuri : Technopoles-Science Cities : Innovation & Learning Strategies (Abstract / Presentation)


June 15

Session 3 : Universities – innovation

  • Lars Coenen : The role of universities in constructing regional advantage : a comparison between the emerging biotech industry in the English North-East, UK, and the mature food industry in Scania, Sweden (Abstract / Paper)
  • Jue Wang : Partnering with universities : a good choice for nanotechnology start-ups ? (Abstract / Paper)
  • Katja Patzwaldt : Applied research and political legitimacy : Drawing on the social sciences for labour market reforms in Germany (Abstract / Paper)
  • Verena Witte : Systems theory in the struggle of the system. The reception of Ludwig von Bertalanffy in the German Democratic Republic, 1939-1989 (Abstract / Paper)
  • Maria Theresa Larsen : Balancing Openness and appropriation (Abstract / Paper)


Session 4 : Innovation - innovation Policy (continued from Session 2)

  • Carlos Sato : Managing Innovation and Capabilities in the Transition to Telecommunications Next Generation Networks (Abstract / Paper)
  • Janina Schirmer : Has European Innovation-policy learned its lesson ? (Presentation)
  • Laszlo Csonka : The role of networks in the upgrading of R&D and innovation capabilities in Hungary (Abstract / Paper)


Session 5 : Innovation – patents – investment

  • Chih-Cheng Lo : Cross-border trade-relevant patent dispute : Taiwanese cases in the United States Section 337 investigations (Abstract / Paper)
  • Jose Guimon : Innovation in the eu affiliates of us multinationals : geographic distribution and Location drivers (Abstract / Paper)
  • Lori de Paauw : Managing survival and growth : a comparative case study of biotechnology start ups in the Netherlands and the UK (Abstract / Paper)
  • Raquel Marin : Technological effects of domestic and cross-border acquisitions in Spanish manufacturing firms (Abstract / Paper)
  • Roberto Mavilia : Foreign Direct Investment and Knowledge Flows:Evidence from Patent Citations (Abstract / Paper)
  • Sawitree Sutthijakra : An organisation of innovation in service multinationals toward an adaptation-standardisation approach (Abstract / Paper)
  • Gergana Koleva : Public-Private Partnerships for the Governance of Innovative Technologies : The Case of the European Innovative Medicines Initiative (Abstract / Paper)
  • Niurys L. Nunez Delgado : Specialisation of technoogical activities in Spain. A study using patents as indicators (Abstract / Paper)

Conclusions & evaluations



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