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2008 Aquameth summer school (Pisa, July 7-11)

33 junior researchers (including a number of postdoctoral fellows) coming from 21 different universities participated in the second AQUAMETH summer school on advanced quantitative methods, organised by A. Bonaccorsi, C. Daraio, P. van den Eeckaut and L. Simar. It mixed practical and applied sessions with lectures on applied multivariate data analysis, on bootstrapping, on frontier models and efficiency analysis (parametric approaches), and on robust non parametric techniques for productivity/efficiency measurement. Each day was concluded by poster sessions where students presented their work related to the topic of the day. The final day was dedicated to specific presentations by PhD students associated with PRIME projects using these techniques.





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Vito Albino

Do Proximity Dimensions Drive Explorative or Exploitative Innovations ? The Case of Toyota Motor Corp.


Giuditta Callea, Gianmaria Martini, Renato Redondi

An empirical investigation of the efficiency of Italian hospitals. A Simar Wilson methodology analysis


Nunzia Carbonara, Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli, Daniele Rotolo

Leveraging Learning Behavior and Network Structure to improve Knowledge Gatekeepers’ Performance


Kristof De Witte, Elbert Dijkgraaf

Mean and bold. On separating merger economies from structural efficiency gains in the drinking water sector


Francesca Petrei

Occupation and productivity : is there a trade-off between flexibility and productivity growth ?


T. Phuoc Le

Productivity Analysis and Financial Innovation : Applications in Banking and Finance in Asia


T. Phuoc Le

Technological gap and metafrontier for DEA analysis with empirical application from Asian banks in developing countries


Fabio Pieri

The determinants of efficiency in the Italian Machine Tool Industry. The effect of size, market power, ownership and localization


Nicky Rogge

Dealing with Data Impreciseness and Multidimensionality in Student’s Evaluations of University Teaching : An Adjusted DEA Approach


Malgorzata Sulimierska

The determinants of productivity in the Polish manufacturing firm - level analysis in the context of capital account liberalization process






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